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Baking Happiness : Delicious, Colorful Desserts to Brighten Every Day

Rosie Madaschi found happiness by baking colourful, elaborate cakes and baked goods, and sharing them through her business Sugar & Salt Cookies. Now she's spreading the joy, showing readers how to make beautiful baked creations in their own kitchens. These recipes make baking stylised, professional-quality desserts approachable and enjoyable for the novice baker Baking experts can take their desserts to the next level with impressive decorating techniques. Step-by-step tutorials on layering cakes, piping buttercream and decorating with ganache, make it easy to create an over-the-top result that's sure to wow kids and adults alike.

Readers can make Rosie's

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bestselling Pink Lemonade Cupcakes, decorated to look like an old school soda fountain milkshake. They taste as incredible as they look! Even beginner bakers are sure to impress at the cookie swap with colourful ganache Watercolour Cookies, and the Rainbow Donut will be the perfect touch at any birthday party or brunch. With special tips, tricks and stories from her own baking journey, Rosie shows readers how to embrace joy in life and in the kitchen. These show-stopping recipes will have everyone smiling.

This book will have 60 recipes and 60 photographs.

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