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Beating Cancer with Nutrition : Optimal Nutrition Can Improve Outcome in Medically Treated Cancer Patients

Cancer has escalated from a once obscure disease to a leading cause of death worldwide. Chemo, radiation, and surgery can reduce tumor burden but do nothing to change the underlying causes of cancer. Enter the need for this book. Using evidence-based guidelines, this book gives you a simple diet and supplement program to augment your doctor's best care while undergoing cancer treatment. This book shows the reader how nutrition can augment immune functions, make chemo and radiation more of a selective toxin against the cancer but not the patient, reverse or prevent the common malnutrition, starve the sugar feeding cancer, and use nutrients as biological response modifiers to induce suicide

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apoptosis) in cancer cells. Generous use of color images helps to explain complicated concepts and makes the book far more readable. Hyperlinks make the ebook version an incredible interactive experience where the reader can click on the link to visit the original article or website. A one-week recipe section is provided with color photographs. The book is in larger font for readers with compromised vision. Each chapter ends with a patient profile which provides inspiration and insight. This book provides the cancer patient with a very doable roadmap to improve quality and quantity of life and chances for a complete remission while working with your doctor.

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