Category: Picture Books

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My Friend Fred

My friend Fred eats dog food for breakfast. I think dog food is disgusting. My friend Fred howls at the moon. I don't know why. He does a lot of funny things. But even...


Misery Moo

There was once a cow who was always miserable, and a lamb who tried to cheer her up. But the cow was impossible to cheer up! Even Father Christmas was too jolly for her....


Stanley's Train

Stanley is taking Little Woo, Sophie and Benjamin somewhere special for the day. He prepares the train early in the morning and then, with a chuff, chuff, chuffety-chuff they're off! Little Woo has a...


Touch the Moon

Neil stepped out of the module. He moved carefully down the small ladder. He reached the last step and stopped. Slowly, he placed his foot on the moon. 'That's one small step for man,...


Lights Out, Leonard

Leonard doesn't like bedtime, especially when there's a five-nosed, seven-tailed, eleven-handed, scaly-waily monster hiding in the corner of his bedroom. It seems like Leonard will never sleep again … until he discovers a mysterious...