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Cooking from Scratch with Shereen : Because You Can!

Shereen Pavlides, the popular chef behind Cooking With Shereen, brings her easy and approachable recipes into the kitchens of aspiring chefs with 60 fantastic recipes that are made completely from scratch. Shereen's cooking philosophy is that homemade is always better, and with this standout collection, she teaches readers how to made meals entirely on their own without relying on boxed or store-bought ingredients at any step. And the best part is, Shereen keeps her recipes simple and efficient, with most of them coming together in 30 minutes or less, saving you time while doubling down on flavor and quality. Audiences adore Shereen's lively personality and will love her entertaining

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voice and fun approach to cooking. They will also sharpen their culinary skills thanks to her famous "Chefie Tips," laying out advice on proper knife work, optimal produce selection/storage, and more. From there, dive into a delicious array of homemade recipes like Steakhouse Creamed Spinach with an easy, 4-ingredient b├ęchamel sauce, or Lobster Mac and Cheese with a quick homemade seafood broth made from the leftover lobster shells. And easy staples like Roasted Tomato Salsa with Homemade Fried Tortilla Chips and Quick Cucumber Tzatziki are cheaper and tastier than their store bought counterparts! These delicious recipes teach you how to make every component of a dish–from soup to nuts!–for amazing, restaurant-quality results every time.

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