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Fit Mama : Get the Best Body You'Ve Ever Had – After Kids

'Fit Mama transformed my post-baby body and rebooted my posture. It's the best!' – Emma Snowsill-Frodeno, Olympian

Many of us believe we're stuck with the body we get after having children, blaming changing hormones, lack of time and a slower metabolism. Belinda Norton is living proof that – with a bit of effort – we can still look amazing and have all the energy we need for the busy demands of everyday life. Devised in response to her own changing body after having children, the Fit Mama program is based on solid research and experience, sharing hundreds of practical hints and tips for achieving total body and mental wellness.

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Created to work within Belinda's own emotional, financial and time limitations as a single mum, the Fit Mama program includes:
Body-weight exercises that can be completed on the go
Delicious, simple recipes
Loads of tips for juggling kids, family, work and your health.

The result is an inspirational, body-positive and practical training and eating plan to get you moving and feeling great!

Product details


| 208 pages


x 235mm

Publication date
01 Apr 2019



Publication City/Country

Millers Point, Australia



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