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Midwest Made : Big, Bold Baking from the Heartland

Baking Big in the Great Midwest, from Past to Present
America's heartland, its Midwestern states, hold dear a hearty dessert tradition brought over with a rich immigrant heritage. German, Scandinavian, Polish, French, and Italian families baked their way to the American Midwest, instilling in it pies, breads, cookies, and pastries that manage to feel distinctly American. Author Shauna Sever developed what she calls the 5 tenets of Midwest baking: Bake Big, Bake Easy, Bake with Purpose, Bake from the Past, Bake in the Present. Dish and ingredient histories round out 120 recipes:

Rhubarb Swedish Flop
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/> Secret-Ingredient Cherry Slab Pie
Apple Dapple Cake

…And more, custom-designed to make any kitchen feel like a Midwestern home.

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