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One Pot Vegan : 80 brand new recipes from the creators of SO VEGAN

Based on all the most popular recipes from their channel SO VEGAN, Roxy and Ben have collated over 80 delicious recipes, which prove that vegan food is fun, tasty and SO simple to make. Designed to cook in just one pot/pan/tray, every recipe promises to be low in washing up and high in flavour.

This book is ideal not only for vegans, but for the growing market of flexitarians hoping to make their diet more sustainable and eco-friendly, while still enjoying every single mouthful. From one-pot curries to one-tray fajitas, there are light lunches, desserts and plenty of crowd-pleasing meals, all with nutritional info, freezing tips for batch cooking and how to eat seasonally. Eating more plants has never been more easy!

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