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Play Smart Preschool Prep! Numbers : Write & Wipe Workbook

What's the Play Smart secret? Making learning fun! Play Smart Preschool Prep! Numbers is filled with a variety of learning activities–including mazes, spot the difference, and find it games – with a focus on learning numbers. With so many activities to choose from, there's always a new puzzle to ponder–and hours and hours of fun to be had. Children will love tackling these fun and challenging activities, which build the important school-readiness skills every preschooler needs. The learning games in Play Smart Preschool Prep! Numbers feature exciting activities that focus on numbers. And thanks to the write and wipe design, children can challenge themselves again

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and again. Whether kids succeed the first time or the fifth, you can be certain they are starting on the path to school readiness! The clever package includes everything toddlers need for playful learning: a jumbo marker, write and wipe pages, and an easy-to-carry format–perfect for preschoolers on the go! Encourages parent-child interaction to help develop problem-solving skills, fine motor control, early math abilities, and lots more. Uses Gakken's "fun-first" learning system that has been a proven success worldwide. The activity workbook includes
Tips for parents, Additional ways to play each activity, Write and wipe pages, Erasable pen, Lots of learning activities! Gakken Publishing is the largest publisher of children's educational books in Japan. For the first time, these sophisticated and exciting books are now available to parents, teachers, and caregivers in the United States.

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