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Quality Labs for Small Brewers : Building a Foundation for Great Beer

Quality is both a system and a state of mind. Quality Labs for Small Brewers will walk you step-by-step through the process of establishing and writing a quality program for your brewery. Building an effective quality program will empower staff to directly influence the consistent production of safe, quality beer from grain to glass. Learn how policies, procedures, and specifications can help ensure quality throughout the process. Discover how to build a foundation and culture of quality within your brewery–no matter what the size–by establishing protocols, corrective actions, and improvements. Brewers will see results through the application and implementation of prerequisite programs like Good Manufacturing Practices and food safety requirements. With these programs in place, dive beyond the numbers and build an understanding of a small brewer's most important measurements and how to analyze them. These routines will help pinpoint any risks or areas of improvement to ensure that only quality beer reaches the customer, time after time.

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