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Singapore in 12 Dishes : How to Eat Like You Live There

Ladies and Gentelmen, poise your forks for Singapore… And clutch those chopsticks too. Oh, and put yourgirth on notice; you'll need stretchy pants. Yes, it's got malls, sights, culture, history, iconic hotels, nature, killer bars, luxe spas, friendly natives and efficient trains, all bundled in a neat, compact package. In fact, Singapore may well be the perfectdestination. But please, let's get real. With every day here a frenzied feed-your-face-a-thon, you actually come to eat. There's fare across the schmancy gamut, from any cuisine you'd care to mention, with famous international chefs leading the charge. If that'syour gig, knock yourself out –

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but for our money, we go strictly local. Humble canteens and hawker centres – that's where the real dining action is. From feisty Malay, soothing Chinese and opulent Nyonya to fiery Indian, Singapore In 12 Dishes unlocks this most dazzling of culinary destinations.

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