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The Museum of Desire

__________________________ ONE WILD PARTY. FOUR COUNTS OF MURDER. A mansion in Beverly Hills is leased out to host an event wild enough to herald the end of days. The next day there isn't a...


When You See Me

THE INTERNATIONAL #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR ___________________________ A body is found in the hills – but the truth still lies buried… In a small town in the Deep South, Flora Dane is part of a...


Trace Elements

A woman's cryptic dying words in a Venetian hospice lead Guido Brunetti to uncover a threat to the entire region in Donna Leon's haunting twenty-ninth Brunetti novel. When Dottoressa Donato calls the Questura to...


Criss Cross : (Alex Cross 27)

__________________________________ 'No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent – which is what Jim has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it.' LEE CHILD, international bestselling author of the Jack Reacher...


Forbidden Flowers

Since the 1968 publication of Nancy Friday's outspoken erotic masterpiece, My Secret Garden, women's sexual lives have undergone a revolution – and so have their fantasy lives. No longer ashamed to express the wild,...


Women On Top

Nancy Friday's sexually and socially empowering international bestsellers My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers revealed that women possess erotic imaginations at least as inventive and powerful as those of men. Women on Top looks...