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What Happens Now?

'Surprisingly funny and very saucy' OK! 'A laugh-a-minute page-turner!' HELLO! 'Surprisingly saucy and distractingly funny' GRAZIA 'No question about it, there are two little purple lines. I'm pregnant.' After eight years together, Lil Bailey...


Fall or, Dodge in Hell

From the New York Times bestselling author of SEVENEVES 'One of the great novels of our time' Wall Street Journal 'Wonderful' Guardian 'Staggering' New York Times 'Captivating' Washington Post 'Cutting-edge' Booklist 'Mind-blowing' Slate What...


The Lost Properties of Love

Love affairs, grief, unhappiness, the mess at the bottom of your handbag. This is a book about the things we hide from other people, and how we might find new ways to think about...