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Hatsu Haru, Vol. 12

Kagura has finally confessed her long-held affection for Toramaru, but the Buddhist playboy doesn't seem to understand her feelings… Though Kagura has been freed from pretending, Tora must now confront his changed relationship with...

Eclair Rouge

The popular yuri anthology Eclair is back again with another volume! Full of emotions – sometimes shimmering quietly, sometimes roaring like flames – Rouge is sure to warm readers' hearts.

A Bride's Story, Vol. 12

Mr. Smith and his companions begin their journey back, returning the way they came, but with a treasured new addition – or two. Camera in hand, each stop provides new subjects to photograph and...

The Elder Sister-Like One, Vol. 4

Haru, a mysterious girl saved from ruin by Yuu's "wish." She's become like a second big sister to Yuu, and while he enjoys her company, Chiyo's feelings toward her are a bit more complex…