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Words and Your Heart

Your words are amazing! This book is about your heart. The little bit inside of you that makes you, you! A new mini hardback gift edition of this very timely book about the power...


Pale Horse Riding

'One of Britain's most visionary writers' DAVID PEACEFrom the author of the highly acclaimed The Butchers of Berlin comes a devastating, haunting and brilliant follow up. . . By 1943 Auschwitz is the biggest...


Happy, Happier, Happiest

Using a range of superlatives and comparatives to introduce emotions to younger readers, this book helps little ones understand terms like "happy, happier and happiest" with charming illustrations and exciting interactive features. Beautifully illustrated,...


Winter Magic

A beautiful and classic anthology of frosty, magical short stories from acclaimed children's writers. The Dreamsnatcher's Abi Elphinstone heads up this gorgeous collection of wintery stories, featuring snow queens, frost fairs, snow dragons and...