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What are Stars?

We see them twinkle in the night sky, but what ARE stars? Are they really star-shaped? What patterns do they make and which star is the nearest? This charming book zooms in on the...


Magic Painting the Snow Queen

Little hands can make Hans Christian Andersen's timeless classic their own with this magic painting book. Brush water over the stylish illustrations to see vibrant colours magically appear, revealing the Snow Queen's ice palace,...


Are You There Little Fox?

In this beautifully illustrated hide-and-seek series, children can "spot" the fox through a hole on each page… but when they turn the page it isn't the fox at all! Very young children will love...


Get Ready for School

A fun and interactive way for children to listen to and learn 120 everyday words spoken by a native English speaker. Each of the four double-sided topic cards has sixteen words and pictures about...


Night Sounds

Press the pages of this enchantingly illustrated book to hear the night-time world come to life. Little children will love discovering the hooting owls, whistling wind, barking foxes and all the other things making...


Wipe-Clean Holiday Activities

Before they can learn to write, little children need lots of practice with pen control, and this book provides plenty of opportunities for that, as children can complete the various activities again and again,...