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The Crafted Cookie : A Beginner's Guide to Baking & Decorating Amazing Cookies for Every Occasion

Illustrious cookie artist Anne Yorks of the celebrated The Flour Box with 1.5 million Facebook followers is here to teach you to decorate professional quality cookies at home. Cookie decorating has reemerged as a trendy, accessible hobby for home bakers, and this book helps them master frosting with royal icing right in their own kitchens! Anne has been selling bakers the tools and tutorials to make their cookie decorating dreams come true for a decade and this cookbook let's readers take all of her expertise home. This book is the ultimate royal icing resource full of foolproof techniques and customized designs to help home bakers learn to outline, flood and embellish their adorable

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cookie creations. Anne cuts out all the unnecessarily fussy steps and so you can get to the exciting part of cookie decorating. With 60 fun designs, you'll have all the inspiration and instruction you need to make a platter full of amazing cookies for any holiday or party! From classic Christmas cookies like Santa and elves to ghosts and candy for Halloween, and even presents and cakes for birthdays, you can make every celebration a little sweeter.

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