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The Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook : Recipes and Ketogenic Keys to Health from a World-Class Doctor and an Internationally Renowned Chef

Food is medicine. Hippocrates himself understood this essential truth 16 centuries ago. Today, natural-health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola and star Australian chef Pete Evans share the firm belief that food can be a powerful tool to reshape health. In this new volume, a companion to Dr. Mercola's best-selling Fat for Fuel, they've joined forces to put this tool in your hands.
Dr. Mercola is renowned for his visionary work in natural medicine; Pete Evans is an award-winning restaurateur, cookbook author, television presenter, and host of PBS's Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking. Drawing on their combined expertise, Fat for Fuel Ketogenic Cookbook is an impeccably researched, beautifully illustrated,
comprehensive guide to eating the ketogenic way in epicurean style. In its pages, you'll find:
– A clear explanation of what ketogenic eating is and how it can transform your health
– In-depth discussions of key health topics, including metabolism, digestion, gut health, diabetes, and more
– Practical guidance for following a ketogenic eating plan
– Cooking techniques to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your food
– Nearly 100 delicious ketogenic recipes
From basics like Beef Bone Broth, to showstopper entrees like Crispy Duck Confit, to irresistible treats like a Chocolate Fat Bomb, these dishes offer exquisite eating at every meal. And all are illustrated with gorgeous full-color photographs shot in Pete Evans's own studio.

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| 304 pages


x 232
x 30mm

| 834g

Publication date
14 Nov 2017


Hay House Inc

Publication City/Country

Carlsbad, United States





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