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The High-Protein Plant-Based Instant Pot Cookbook : Wholesome, Oil-Free One Pot Meals with 8-Ingredients

Wholesome, protein-packed dishes… Cooked automatically!

Preparing healthy, delicious plant-based meals at home can be a challenge when you're busy or simply don't like to cook…

This Instant Pot cookbook with 71 delicious recipes will help you put your cooking on autopilot as these meals only take a few minutes of your time.

With amazing combinations of just 8 ingredients, here are exciting oatmeals, hearty risottos, satisfying soups & delicious curries — with about 25 % of the calories from protein & 100% oil-free.

These flavorful dishes complement

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an active lifestyle and are all about great flavor & minimal hassle. Each recipe includes detailed nutrition facts, recommended storage times, mouth-watering photos & both U.S. and metric measurements for every ingredient.

With the Instant Pot High-Protein Cookbook, you'll have a go-to source of delicious, protein-packed meals that can be cooked with the press of a button, every day of the week!

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