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The Savage Truth : Lessons on Leadership, Business and Life from 40 Years in Recruitment

GREG SAVAGE knows about leadership. Greg is a founder of four highly successful businesses in the recruitment. He has led start-ups to IPO, navigated businesses through a recession, the boomtimes and the global financial crisis. He has been headhunted to lead in global recruitment businesses. Most of all Greg is a communicator. He is probably the most respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.
Throughout his impressive career, Greg has connected with thousands of people:
* Greg's blog, 'The Savage Truth', has more than 10,000

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active subscribers, with close to a million page views a year. It has been nominated for at least 20 'best blog of the year' awards.
* Greg has more than 300,000 LinkedIn followers and was named one of LinkedIn's 'top voices' – only 280 people out of their 600 million members are considered influential.
* In an article entitled 'Who is Australia's Most Influential Business Voice on Twitter Now That Rupert Murdoch Has Left The Party? Greg was described as: 'No.1 in the small business world'."
The Savage Truth is the story of Greg Savage, his stellar career in recruitment and the lessons he has learned on leadership, business and life over a career spanning four decades. Honest, open and humorous, The Savage Truth is a must-read for lovers of business biography.

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