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The Sixteen Trees of the Somme

By Norway's bestselling novelist and the author of NORWEGIAN WOOD, a family story of epic scale. Edvard grows up on a remote mountain farmstead in Norway with his taciturn grandfather, Sverre. The death of his parents, when he was three years old, has always been shrouded in mystery – he has never been told how or where it took place and has only a distant memory of his mother. But he knows that the fate of his grandfather's brother, Einar, is somehow bound up with this mystery. One day a coffin is delivered for his grandfather long before his death – a meticulous, beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Perhaps Einar is not dead after all. Edvard's desperate quest to

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unlock the family's tragic secrets takes him on a long journey – from Norway to the Shetlands, and to the battlefields of France – to the discovery of a very unusual inheritance. The Sixteen Trees of the Somme is about the love of wood and finding your own self, a beautifully intricate and moving tale that spans an entire century.Translated from the Norwegian by Paul Russell Garrett

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| 480 pages


x 238
x 37mm

| 676g

Publication date
08 Aug 2017


Quercus Publishing

MacLehose Press

Publication City/Country

London, United Kingdom





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 16 trees of the somme synopsis16 trees of the sommesixteen trees of the somme synopsis

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