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Thor By Jason Aaron: The Complete Collection Vol. 2

Jason Aaron's legendary saga continues -with more Thors than ever before! In the last days of Midgard, the Thunder God fights to save his adopted home from Roxxon -and its monstrous new boss! But when the Son of Odin is rendered unworthy to lift Mjolnir, a new hero rises -Thor, Goddess of Thunder! Who is the mystery woman who now commands the thunder and lightning? Wouldn't Malekith, Odin and the Odinson himself love to know! Plus, Old King Thor battles Galactus at the end of time! Young Thor tries to prove himself worthy! The Girls of Thunder! The accursed origin of Malekith! The beginnings of the War of the Realms! And -when the multiverse is shattered by SECRET WARS -an army of

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Thors police Battleworld! COLLECTING: THOR: GOD OF THUNDER 2012) 19-25, THOR 2014) 1-8, THOR ANNUAL 2015) 1, THORS 2015) 1-4

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