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Thor Epic Collection: Into The Dark Nebula

When Odin sends Thor on a quest to the World's End, Loki looses the Mangog- a monster powered by the anger and hatred of a billion beings! It's an all-out epic that leads to the tragic death of Odin – but death is not the end! When Pluto comes to claim Odin's soul, a war with Hela, queen of the dead, erupts. What will become of the All-Father? Then, Ego-Prime goes on a time-twisting, evolution-bending rampage – and once the dust settles, Thor and company find themselves exiled from Asgard! Seeing his opportunity, Ulik, king of the Trolls, attempts to wrest Mjolnir from Thor and conquer Earth. The action leads directly into the Dark Nebula – where the 4-D Man

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and Xorr stand between Thor and the life of Lady Sif! COLLECTING: VOL. 6: THOR 1966) 195-216

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