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Time to Eat : Delicious meals for busy lives

Pre-order Nadiya's brand new cookbook, packed with over 100 time-saving and mouth-watering recipes.


Feeding a family and juggling a busy work load can be really tricky so Nadiya has crafted over 100 recipes that will teach you how to be time-smart in the kitchen.

Featuring recipes that are both quick and easy to make, as well as those that have shortcuts to creating second – and even third – delicious meals without any additional preparation, Nadiya will share with you all her tips and hacks for making meal prep as simple as possible.

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Each recipe also includes how long it will take to prepare and cook, making planning easy.

Spin leftovers into completely new meals, learn the most effective way to use your freezer and discover just how easy it can be to batch cook without needing to have the same meal every night.

Covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and basics – with recipes that will give you leftovers to have as snacks in between – Nadiya shows you how she manages to always have home-cooked food at hand for her family.

Recipes include:

* Avocado Pesto
* Berry Breakfast Trifle
* Bao Buns with Spicy Tuna
* Prawn Malay Rice
* One Tray Peanut Chicken
* Jackfruit Curry
* Nutella Mousse
* Mango Peach Mint Sorbet

Nadiya will show you how you can always make time to cook and eat delicious food.

Praise for Nadiya Hussain:

'A national treasure' Independent

'She's baked her way into our hearts and hasn't stopped since' Prima

'The best kind of cookbook . . . you can read it like a novel' The Times

'One of our favourite ever bake off winners' Sunday Mirror

'Ideal dishes to serve at family get-togethers' Daily Mail

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