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Toaster Oven Takeover : Easy and Delicious Recipes to Make in Your Toaster Oven

Enjoy delicious, freshly cooked meals in just minutes with these easy recipes using the most underrated yet versatile appliance in the kitchen-the toaster oven.

You may think the toaster oven is just a tool for making a simple grilled cheese sandwich, but now it can do so much more! While your standard oven is great for big meals, it may be too large when you're just cooking for one or two people or when you are in too much of a rush to wait for your full-size oven to pre-heat. That's when the toaster oven comes in handy! As one of the most flexible and space-saving appliances in the kitchen, the toaster oven can do everything a standard oven can do but

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is faster, easier to clean, and more energy-efficient.

Now, you can make delicious meals like breakfast burritos, stromboli, sweet chili glazed wings, sheet pan fish with olives and capers, or even German chocolate cake right in your toaster oven. Perfect for cooks of every skill level, Toaster Oven Takeover is chock-full of recipe tips as well as toaster oven basics, including recommendations for the best types of baking dishes or whether to use parchment paper or aluminum foil. These quick and easy recipes will make this book your go-to for delicious perfectly cooked meals that can be made in no time!

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