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When Wally Watson applies to the local Council for a job as a tree surgeon he is introduced to a host of colourful characters who inhabit the villages of Daisy Hill, Down Daisy and Upsy-Daisy. There's the attractive Reverend Miriam Peach who tries her best to resist his advances; Dick and Jo Coningsby who are getting used to their new life on a caravan site; Major Mearryweather who carries out his role as a lollipop man with military precision; and Professor Sparrow who reveals a surprising namesake.

During the annual Brass Band coach outing three horn players, Mona, Shona and Iona, are up to no good. Chaos, calamity and comedy ensue as an unlikely hero makes

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his debut. All the while, the Brass Band continue to try to play in tune.

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