The Book that saved the Earth Summary

'The Book That Saved The Earth Summary', it is written by Claire Boiko, is a fictional, comedic drama about a nursery book called "Mother Goose." The play's plot is set in the twentieth century, and it depicts an attempt by a Martian named Think-Tank and his crew to attack Earth. When his crew arrived at an Earth library, they were perplexed as to what books were for.  

They were initially misled by Think-Tank, which mistook those weird things (books) for 'sandwiches.' They eventually discovered that the books are intended for 'communication' with the help of Noodle's (Think-Tank's assistant's) advice. They took vitamins and were able to read the book after that because it was tough for them to read stuff from the books.

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The Book that saved the Earth Summary

The Book that saved the Earth Summary

The plot of the play is in the twentieth century. All the characters of the play are imaginary characters and have weird names like the mighty Chief Think Tank, Noodle, Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota, Sargent Oop, etc. The think tanks who think himself to be the most intelligent amongst all the Martians to decide to go to earth with his team. He always thinks that because he had a big head he is the most intelligent and always likes to be praised for that. They want to know how people of the earth (they call them earthlings) lives. In the next scene, they all were present in a library full of books. But all of them were unable to understand the place.

Then the mighty Think-Tank tries to show is acumen and tells his crew that the thing is a sandwich. As the person of the earth eats a lot of so they must have stored them here. Then one of the crew members Sergeant Oop even eats the corner of a book to confirm the views of Think-Tank. But he did not like the taste, and they came to the conclusion that this may be something else than food. 

After some time Noodle suggests Think-Tank that maybe it is used for communication with ears. After some time Noodle again suggests Think-Tank that maybe it is for eye communication. All the crew members started opening and reading the book. It was a rhymes book of name, Mother Goose. But they are unable to understand the book.

So looking at this Noodle asks the Think-Tank that the chemical department has given them the vitamin pills to increase intelligence, and they all should take it and then read the sandwiches. As Oop started reading the book of nursery rhymes they take the literal meaning of rhymes and feel troubles. The Think Tank called his Martians team and says that they have gathered some information about earthlings, and they should be postponing the idea of invasion.

The Oop read the rhyme Humpty dumpty, and they all saw the picture of Humpty who looked like Think Tank. The Think Tank drew an inference that the earthlings have identified him and will kill him soon. So, he asked his team to run immediately from there and thus a dusted book of rhymes saved us from Martian invasion.

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The Book that Saved the Earth Question Answers

Q1- Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank but at the same time he corrects his mistakes. How does he manage to do that? - A1-Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank but at the same time he corrects his mistakes in a very clever way. He used to present his ideas as a thing of less importance but this would help think tank in correcting his mistakes.

Q2- If you were in Noodle’s place, how would you handle Think-Tank’s mistakes? - A2- If I would have been at Noodle’s place I would have handled the situation just like Noodle did. I would have suggested my master the right things but in a way that he may not feel being pointed out by a subordinate.

Q3- Do you think books are being replaced by the electronic media? Can we do away with books altogether? - A3- Yes it is true to some extent that books are being replaced by the electronic media but we cannot do away with the books completely. It is so because books still serve the purpose of deriving information from them. It is so because still there are many things which are sometimes not available on the electronic media.

Q4- Why are books referred to as a man’s best companion? - A4- Books are man’s best companion because they not only provide us with information but also sometimes become a good source of entertainment.

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Questions about The Book that saved the Earth Plot

What is the summary of the book that saved the earth? The central idea of the play “The Book that Saved the Earth” is that incomplete information is always hazardous. It also describes how the world was saved from a Martian invasion by an old book of rhymes called “Mother Goose.” The play takes place in the year 2550.

What is the message of book that saved the earth? The moral of the play is that half-fed knowledge is always dangerous.

What is the conclusion of the book that save the earth? As Think-Tank was afraid of the poetry words from 'Mother Goose,' he ordered his crew to return to Mars rather than invade Earth. He also fled to Alpha Centauri, a star closer to our solar system. The play concludes with the moral that things should be analysed rather than taken at face value.

Is the book that saved the earth about Mother Goose? The Mother Goose - an old book of nursery rhymes saved the earth. The Martian invaders could not understand its fun and imagination. They misinterpreted it to be the Earthlings' record of inter planetary attack on Mars. They were terrified of the Earthlings and evacuated not only Earth but even Mars.

Why is the title of the lesson the book that saved the Earth justified? He feared invasion on Mars by earthlings. So he decided to migrate to Alpha Centauri, one hundred million miles away from Mars. The Martians fear the book till date. Hence, we can say that the title 'The Book that Saved the Earth' is apt.

What is the character sketch of think-tank in the book that saved the Earth? Think-Tank was the ruler of the Martian planet. With a large egg-shaped head and a long robe adorned with stars and circles, he had an unusual appearance that set him apart from humans. Despite being a dumb leader, he thought of himself as intelligent and never accepted any of his errors.

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