The Silent Patient Book Summary

The Silent Patient Summary is a 2019 psychological thriller novel written by British–Cypriot author Alex Michaelides . The successful debut novel was published by Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers, on 5 February 2019. The audiobook version, released on the same date, is read by Louise Brealey and Jack Hawkins.

The story is narrated by an English psychotherapist, Theo Faber, dealing with a patient who turns mute after murdering her husband. Upon its release, the book debuted on The New York Times Best Seller list at No.1. It later won the Goodreads Choice Award 2019 in the Mystery and Thriller category.


The Silent Patient Summary
The Silent Patient Summary

The Silent Patient Summary

The novel's events revolve around a psychotherapist, Theo, who goes to a hospital called by the writer "The Grove", to treat a patient named Alicia, a woman who killed her husband, whom she adored and could not imagine living without him, and after killing him, she entered into a shock that made her turn from a peaceful woman to a violent woman, and from an ordinary woman to a silent woman.

Here Comes the role of the psychotherapist to take on the big challenge, to make her speak and speak so that she tells the story of her husband's murder, and points to the killer, and whether she really killed him and why, or is there someone else who did it, and what makes a woman who loves her husband madly kill him even though she admits in her diary that

The patient did not express herself in any way after the death of her husband, except by one means, which is drawing a painting of a self-portrait, I wrote a title for her at the bottom: "alcestis", which is the name of the heroine of a Greek legend who sacrificed her life for her husband, so the therapist decides to understand that painting and myth, so perhaps it helped him understand and treat the patient.

While reading the novel, I remembered a sentence that my professor at the University, who has a doctorate in Psychology, said to me, where he said, every person on Earth has his own psychological complex. At the time when the psychotherapist in the novel was seeking to treat the silent patient, he himself was going to a psychotherapist to take advantage of her advice to treat himself and his patient, he himself was not a beautiful childhood, which creates a similarity between him and the patient he is treating.

He also had a personal problem with his wife, and that problem leads to the disclosure of details from the depths of his psyche. Here, the patient's childhood pains are intertwined with the therapist's childhood pains, and he sits down with her at the same table to listen to her silence and to tell her about himself as well.


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Questions about The Silent Patient Plot

Who was the killer in The Silent Patient?
In her journal, Alicia admits to shooting Gabriel after Theo left. She says, “I didn't kill Gabriel, Gabriel killed me. All I did was pull the trigger.

What is the main message of The Silent Patient?
The Dangers of Unresolved or Improperly Treated Mental Illness. The overall narrative of The Silent Patient and many of the characters' individual narratives demonstrate the dangers of unresolved or improperly treated mental illness.

What was the twist in The Silent Patient?
But it turns out (the twist) that Kathy cheated six years ago — with Gabriel, Alicia's husband — and it was then that Theo, the true psychopath, broke into Alicia's house, held her captive and exposed the affair, triggering a long-dormant trauma that incites her to shoot Gabriel in the face.

What does The Silent Patient symbolize?
Alcestis represents “the silent patient,” the woman scorned, the person betrayed. She is voiceless, but her silence alone is a message, expressing disappointment, hurt, and rage.

Who is the hero in The Silent Patient?
Theo is the main character in The Silent Patient and makes an appearance in The Maidens. Theo (who is 42 in The Silent Patient) trained with both Julian and Mariana in London. He is now a forensic psychotherapist.

What mental illness does Alicia have in The Silent Patient?
According to the conclusions of the silent patient research, it can be concluded that Alicia experienced PTSD, which later became complex PTSD due to repeated verbal abuse over a long period of time.

Who drugged Alicia in The Silent Patient?
Theo fired the warning shot into the ceiling, but since Gabriel picked his life over hers Alicia killed him after Theo left. Theo drugged her into a coma, but she wrote what happened in the back of her diary and hid it.

Why did Theo inject Alicia?
Because Theo realizes that Alicia does recognize him as the masked intruder who tied them up. As a result, he injects her with something to force her to overdose, and it puts her in a coma.

What is the summary of the silent treatment?
Synopsis: Frank and Maggie have been in love and have been married for a long time. But, for the past six months they have lived in complete silence. Frank has suddenly withdrawn and hasn't breathed a word to his wife in this time. Maggie doesn't know why and the silence has been eating away at her.

How scary is The Silent Patient?
The Silent Patient is a swarming, paranoid nightmare of a novel with an ending that is destined to go down as one of the most shocking, mind-blowing twists in recent memory.” "This is a wonderful new voice. Listen to it. It's about to tell you a thrilling and scary story.

Is The Silent Patient a good story?
I give “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides a perfect 5/5 and I will recommend this novel to every single reader I meet for the rest of my life. From an incredible cast of characters, excellent writing, Greek mythological references, and so much more, this is perfection.

Why does she not speak Alcestis?
Alcestis is silent at the end of the play because she is still recovering from being in Hades. Heracles tells Admetus that it will take three days before she will be able to speak.

Who is Gabriel in The Silent Patient?
Gabriel Berenson is Alicia's husband, Max's younger brother, and Kathy Faber's secret lover. As a professional fashion photographer, Gabriel lives a glamorous, artistic life; like many of the people around him, Alicia finds herself almost irresistibly drawn to him.

How long did Alicia not speak in The Silent Patient?
Alicia Berenson, the titular silent patient of Alex Michaelides's novel The Silent Patient, never speaks; for six years after the murder of her beloved husband Gabriel (which she may or may not have committed), Alicia is entirely mute, communicating only through the occasional painting or act of violence.

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