The Satanic Verses Summary

The Satanic Verses is the fourth novel of British-Indian writer Salman Rushdie. First published in September 1988, the book was inspired by the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. As with his previous books, Rushdie used magical realism and relied on contemporary events and people to create his characters.

The title refers to the Satanic Verses, a group of Quranic verses about three pagan Meccan goddesses: Allāt, Al-Uzza, and Manāt. The part of the story that deals with the "satanic verses" was based on accounts from the historians al-Waqidi and al-Tabari.


satanic verses summary
Satanic Verses Summary


The Satanic Verses Summary

Satanic Verses is a story consisting of nine chapters. When you read it, you almost think that each chapter is a separate story. The two main characters in the novel are Salahuddin jumja, an Indian who has lived since his youth in the United Kingdom and tried to blend in with Western society and disguise his Indian origins, and Jibril farshta, an Indian actor specializing in religious films where he plays the roles of Hindu gods, and he lost his faith in religion after suffering a serious illness where his prayers did nothing to heal.

At the beginning of the novel, where the two are sitting on two adjacent seats on the plane traveling from Pompeii to London, but the plane explodes and falls as a result of an act of sabotage by extremist groups, and during the fall of these two people, changes occur in their form, Saladin turns a skull into a devil-like creature and Gabriel his brush into an angel-like creature.

In these dreams, the designations differ from the known from history, where the city of Mecca is called jahiliya, a city built of sand, and the Prophet Muhammad of Islam is referred to as mahavand, which is the body by which his name reached and was common in Europe in the Middle Ages.


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Questions about The Satanic Verses Plot

What is the theme of Satanic Verses?
It focuses on doubt as the defining characteristic of the Devil for the novel and as a major theme in the text. The Satanic Verses attempts to humanize the Devil by making him a secular figure free from the negative connotations assigned to him by religion.

Why is The Satanic Verses a banned book?
The Satanic Verses received immediate and violent backlash from Muslims who found the book's depictions of Islam insulting.

What is the climax of the story The Satanic Verses?
The stunning climax of the main story deftly interweaves their worlds, as a riot breaks out in the community and a delusional Gibreel encounters it head on.

Is The Satanic Verses a good book?
Reading this book is as much work as it is joy--but totally worth the effort. Salman Rushdie published "The Satanic Verses" in 1988 and has been living with a "fatwa" on his head ever since. For that reason alone, I think we should all read it. It is a story of good vs.

Who wrote The Satanic Verses?
Salman Rushdie is an Indian-born, British Booker prize-winning author. He has written 14 novels, but is best known for his fourth novel, The Satanic Verses.

What religion is Salman Rushdie?
Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay on 19 June 1947 during the British Raj, into an Indian Kashmiri Muslim family.

Is The Satanic Verses banned in Qatar?
the novel was banned in South Africa, Pakistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Qatar. In the United States, the Viking Press — which was set to publish the U.S. edition — received bomb threats and thousands of menacing letters.

Who is the imam in Satanic Verses?
The Imam, or Muslim religious leader, from Gibreel's dream narrative is an exile who despises London but is forced to live there until he returns in triumph to a revolution in his homeland. His character is based on the Iranian fundamentalist leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, who sentenced Rushdie to death.

What are the settings of Satanic verses?
Although there are chapters set in Bombay, much of the novel takes place in London, Mr. Rushdie's current home.

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