Ugly Love Book Summary

Ugly Love Summary and characters, it is a standalone romance novel set in contemporary San Francisco (2014). The story predominantly alternates between the primary characters Elizabeth Tate Collins and Miles Mikel Archer. Tate, a registered nurse pursuing her master’s degree, is in her early 20s. Miles, an airline pilot, is in his mid-20s.

Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author based in Texas. She has written many romance novels and romantic thrillers for both adults and young adults, including Reminders of Him (2022), It Starts With Us (2022), Verity (2021), It Ends With Us (2016), November 9 (2015) violence.


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Ugly Love Summary

Ugly Love Summary

Ugly Love explores the complexities of love and attraction through the messy, emotional journey of its two main characters, Tate Collins and Miles Archer.

Tate Collins, a busy nurse pursuing her master’s degree, moves in with her brother Corbin in San Francisco. On her first day, she encounters Miles Archer, a brooding, enigmatic airline pilot who is also Corbin’s neighbor and friend.

Despite the magnetic pull between them, Tate and Miles are hesitant to label their connection as love at first sight, and they even struggle to consider themselves friends.

As their undeniable mutual attraction becomes increasingly apparent, Tate and Miles decide to enter into a no-strings-attached sexual relationship.

Miles, scarred by a traumatic past that he’s reluctant to share, sets two ground rules for Tate: never ask about his past and don’t expect a future. Tate, occupied with her demanding schedule, agrees to the arrangement, believing that they can keep their emotions in check.

However, as Tate and Miles spend more time together, they find that their initial agreement is far more difficult to maintain than they initially thought. The intensity of their connection infiltrates their hearts, and they begin to crave more from each other.

Despite her promise, Tate starts to wonder about the source of Miles’ emotional wounds, while Miles finds himself contemplating a future he once deemed impossible.

As their relationship deepens, the fragility of their arrangement becomes increasingly apparent. The rules that once seemed simple begin to crumble, and the boundaries they set up to protect themselves are tested. Their love, once a convenient distraction, morphs into an ugly, painful reality that forces them to confront their fears and vulnerabilities.

Ultimately, Ugly Love is a poignant tale of two individuals who find themselves falling in love despite their best efforts to remain detached. Through their emotional turmoil, Hoover examines the consequences of letting one’s guard down and the transformative power of love.

It is a story that reminds readers that love, in all its forms, can be both beautiful and ugly, and that the journey to finding true happiness can be messy and fraught with challenges.

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ugly love colleen hoover summary
ugly love colleen hoover summary

Ugly Love characters

Ugly Love features several characters that contribute to the development of the story. The main characters are:

1. Tate Collins: A nurse pursuing her master’s degree, Tate is the protagonist of the story. She moves to San Francisco to live with her brother and becomes involved in a no-strings-attached relationship with Miles Archer.

2. Miles Archer: An enigmatic airline pilot with a traumatic past, Miles is the other main character in the novel. He establishes the rules for his relationship with Tate and struggles with his emotional barriers.

Supporting characters in the novel include:

3. Corbin Collins: Tate’s protective older brother, who is also an airline pilot. He is a good friend of Miles and initially warns Tate about getting involved with him.

4. Ian: Miles’ best friend, who plays a supportive role throughout the story. He is often the voice of reason and provides insight into Miles’ past.

5. Rachel: A significant character from Miles’ past, whose storyline is gradually revealed throughout the book. She is an essential figure in understanding the reasons behind Miles’ emotional barriers.

6. Cap: The elderly apartment building attendant who becomes a close confidant and wise advisor to both Tate and Miles. His presence and advice help guide the characters through their emotional struggles.

7. Diane: Tate’s friend and co-worker, who offers her support and advice as Tate navigates her complicated relationship with Miles.

These characters, along with a few others, create a dynamic and engaging cast that contributes to the emotional depth and complexity of Ugly Love.


ugly love synopsis
ugly love synopsis

synopsis of ugly love
synopsis of ugly love

Questions about Ugly Love Plot

What is the book Ugly Love about? Ugly Love is one of Colleen Hoover's most noteworthy releases. This story follows Tate, a woman who falls for a distraught and reticent man named Miles. When these two souls meet, their connection is undeniable. However, Miles is a broken man and he cannot offer Tate anything other than a physical relationship.

Can a 14 year old read Ugly Love? Colleen Hoover That entirely depends on the book. Some I wouldn't recommend for teens at all. But books like Slammed, Heart Bones, Regretting You, Hopeless, I think are okay for older teens. But books like Verity, Too Late and Ugly Love I'd definitely NOT recommend for teens.

Do you have to read November 9 before Ugly Love? You must. It's not that you won't understand November 9 without having read Ugly Love however, if you do, there is surely a bonus while reading the book of a small detail that you will be able to catch.

What is the point of view of Ugly Love? Ugly Love is written from two perspectives: the first follows Tate Collins in the present day and the second follows Miles Archer when he was a teenager. When Tate and Miles first meet, they hardly like each other, as she finds him drunk outside her brother's apartment.

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