Apples Never Fall Summary

Apples Never Fall Summary, it is by veteran Australian novelist Liane Moriarty (2021), begins as a mystery thriller: Joy Delaney, a 60-something mother and retired tennis coach, suddenly vanishes on Valentine’s Day, and all signs point to her moody and volatile husband, Stan, himself a former world-renowned tennis coach, as the most likely killer. However, as the days pass and the police continue to search for Joy.

the novel evolves into a probing psychological study of a profoundly dysfunctional family. Each of the couple’s four grown children harbors deep grudges and bitter resentments against the parents who dreamed of coaching their kids to be world-class tennis champions. 

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Apples Never Fall Summary

Apples Never Fall Summary

If your mother was missing, would you tell the police? Even if the most obvious suspect was your father?

This is the dilemma facing the four grown Delaney siblings.

The Delaneys are fixtures in their community. The parents, Stan and Joy, are the envy of all of their friends. They’re killers on the tennis court, and off it their chemistry is palpable. But after fifty years of marriage, they’ve finally sold their famed tennis academy and are ready to start what should be the golden years of their lives. So why are Stan and Joy so miserable?

The four Delaney children—Amy, Logan, Troy, and Brooke—were tennis stars in their own right, yet as their father will tell you, none of them had what it took to go all the way. But that’s okay, now that they’re all successful grown-ups and there is the wonderful possibility of grandchildren on the horizon.

One night a stranger named Savannah knocks on Stan and Joy’s door, bleeding after a fight with her boyfriend. The Delaneys are more than happy to give her the small kindness she sorely needs. If only that was all she wanted.

Later, when Joy goes missing, and Savannah is nowhere to be found, the police question the one person who remains: Stan. But for someone who claims to be innocent, he, like many spouses, seems to have a lot to hide. Two of the Delaney children think their father is innocent, two are not so sure—but as the two sides square off against each other in perhaps their biggest match ever, all of the Delaneys will start to reexamine their shared family history in a very new light.

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Questions about Apples Never Fall Plot

What is the short summary of the Apples Never Fall? Apples Never Fall follows the tennis-obsessed Delaney family, which includes two recently-retired parents and their four adult children. Matriarch Joy has gone missing, so there is an intriguing “what happened to mum?” plot to keep the pages turning.

What is the saying Apples Never Fall? a child usually has a similar character or similar qualities to his or her parents: Her daughter soon showed her own musical talent, proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Is Apples Never Fall worth reading? Seeing how each handled different situations was very thought-provoking. There were many twists and turns and truly unexpected moments. I always thought I had it figured out, only to find I was clueless.

What is the theme of Apples Never Fall? Moriarty deftly explores themes of family dynamics, trauma, and secrets, drawing the reader deeper into the lives of the Delaney family. The arrival of a mystery character, Svannah, adds to the intrigue and provides further insight into what drives the Delaneys.

Is Apples Never Fall Based on a true story? Apples Never Fall is fiction, Moriarty has admitted the story is inspired by some real events.

What happened at the end of Apples Never Fall? First off, Joy wasn't dead. She went off with Savannah for two weeks. Joy did leave a note for Stan, but it fell off the fridge (the defective fridge magnet was mentioned earlier as a clue) and the dog ate it (the paper-eating dog was also mentioned earlier.).

Where does Apples Never Fall take place? On the cover of “Apples Never Fall,” Australian novelist Liane Moriarty's ninth book, there are four gorgeous red fruits. These symbolize the four children of Stan and Joy Delaney, a couple whose work and family lives became intertwined after they founded a sought-after tennis academy beside their suburban Sydney home.

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