Greenlights Book Summary

Greenlights Summary, it is a 2020 book by American actor Matthew McConaughey. It was published on October 20, 2020, by the Crown imprint of Crown Publishing Group, McConaughey exiled himself in the desert without electricity for fifty-two days while writing the book. Greenlights originated from diaries and journals McConaughey began writing when he was fourteen years old.

McConaughey described the book as a collection of "stories, prayers, poems, people and places and a whole bunch of bumper stickers." The book includes stories and insights from McConaughey's life in chronological order. It has been described as a memoir but McConaughey has called it an "approach book".

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Greenlights Book Summary

Greenlights Summary

Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights is a book about finding oneself by a process of elimination. Unlike many other autobiographies, the anecdotes he chooses to tell are not picked to generate headlines, but to give an insight into how he has become the man he is. There may be moments of strife, but he has been very careful not to elaborate on events that could otherwise detract from the theme of his book, namely how his approach to life has evolved.

What is clear from the beginning is that Matthew McConaughey loves language and loves playing with language. It is telling that he has chosen to format his book in a way that allows him to experiment with poetic form, rather than a strictly chronological memoir.

The book is like a poem, with the repeated refrain ‘greenlight’ when something positive happens in his life. What is also very clear is McConaughey’s voice. Anyone who has seen him in films or interviews will recognize the turns of phrases that are particular to him, and it is interesting to note just how much freedom he has had in his career to improvise his lines.

His is not a voice restrained by academic form, and the result is that he achieves a certain lightness, even when he is describing less pleasant events in his life. This is very far from a ‘tell-all’ memoir. Those seeking insights into his co-stars, seedy gossip on his previous relationships, or stories of personal drama will be very disappointed. Much of his focus is on his family and people who populate his life outside of the film industry.

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Greenlights Quotes

  • “If you’re focused on the green lights, you’ll miss the red lights. But you’ll never see the green lights if you’re focused on the red lights.”
  • “I believe we all have an inner voice trying to guide us. It’s our intuition. It’s our gut instinct. It’s our GPS. We should listen to it.”
  • “Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s part of success. You can’t have success without failure.”
  • “Gratitude is the currency of happiness. It’s the language of the soul.”
  • “Live your truth. Don’t be afraid to be different. Embrace your quirks and personality traits. That’s what makes you unique.”

Synopsis of Greenlights book

Be present. McConaughey emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment and enjoying the journey. He says that we should focus on the greenlights in our lives, which are the opportunities presented to us.

Follow your intuition. McConaughey believes that we all have an inner voice trying to guide us. He says we should listen to our intuition and trust our gut instincts.

Embrace failure. McConaughey believes failure is a necessary part of life and can teach valuable lessons. He says we should not be afraid to fail and learn from our mistakes.

Be grateful. McConaughey is very grateful and believes that gratitude can help us live happier and more fulfilling life. He says we should take the time to appreciate the good things in our lives, big and small.

Live your truth. McConaughey believes that we should all live our lives in a way that is true to ourselves. He says we should not be afraid to be different and embrace our unique quirks and personality traits.

Questions about Greenlights

What is the Greenlights book about? Part memoir, part guide to life, part collection of extracts from diaries the actor has been keeping for decades, Greenlights by Matthew McConoughey is an insightful and intimate exploration of one southern boy's journey to stardom.

What is the theme of Greenlights? It starts with what he calls “getting relative with the inevitable.” Some things in life are inevitable. Not every plan is going to work out perfectly. But how you deal with setbacks is relative – it's up to you. With the right attitude, you can always learn and grow – no matter what you're facing.

What does green light mean in Matthew McConaughey's book? He believes that “a greenlight is being kind to our future self. It's things in our life that affirm our way, they say 'go, proceed, more, please carry on. ' While yellow and red lights make us slow down in life — they can be crisis, hardship, intervention, interruption.”

Is Greenlights worth reading?  This book is essential reading for fans of his. Even if one has followed his career and interviews over the years, this book will have plenty of new material ... The book is part memoir part playbook on his beliefs.

Is Greenlights based on a true story? yes, Greenlights is primarily Matthew McConaughey's memoir — from a Texan hotshot to a renowned Hollywood actor. But there's more: profound advice, hilarious stories, and insightful maxims.

What is the advice from Greenlights? Prioritize who you are, who you want to be, and don't spend time with anything that antagonizes your character. Don't depend on drinking the Kool-Aid – it's popular, tastes sweet today, but it will give you cavities tomorrow. Life is not a popularity contest. Be brave, take the hill.

How many chapters are in Greenlights? This in-depth study guide offers summaries & analyses for all 8 chapters of Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey.

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