Icebreaker Book Summary

Icebreaker Summary. As Hannah Grace’s debut novel, Icebreaker is the first in a planned series based on the fictional University of California, Maple Hills (UCMH). Originally published on the self-publishing platform Wattpad, Icebreaker was eventually picked up by Atria Books and published as a paperback in 2022. Grace’s novel is a hockey romance, which is a subgenre of the new adult romance genre. 

The story follows the developing relationship between hockey player Nathan Hawkins and figure skater Anastasia Allen, two likely enemies who navigate their respective athletic and college careers while falling in love. It also features many sexually explicit scenes and is considered “spicy” even among fans of the romance genre. Often compared to other sports romance novels like Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series, Icebreaker became a favorite among romance fans on the social media platform TikTok, and Grace continues to post bonus chapters of the novel on her website.

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Icebreaker Summary

Icebreaker Summary

In Hannah Grace’s book “Icebreaker,” readers explore the worlds of competitive figure skating and hockey, which are very different but collide in a captivating way. The story revolves around Anastasia Allen, a figure skater who dreams of attending the Olympics. Her world gets turned upside down when her team shares the ice rink with the Maple Hills Titans hockey team due to a misunderstanding.

Things get more complicated when Anastasia’s skating partner gets injured, leaving her without anyone to skate with. That’s when Nathan Hawkins, the charming and talented hockey captain, steps in to take his place, even though Anastasia initially wasn’t thrilled about it.

As they are forced to work together, their initial dislike for each other slowly becomes deeper. Anastasia realizes that Nate is not just a hockey guy but also a kind and smart person. Nate is drawn to Anastasia’s grace, determination, and passion for figure skating.

However, their budding romance faces challenges from various angles. They have to deal with the pressure of their competitive sports, the disapproval of their coaches, and the doubt of their friends and teammates.

Despite all the obstacles, Anastasia and Nate find strength in each other, and their connection grows as they handle the demands of their sports and their newfound feelings for each other.

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Icebreaker Book Themes

The novel explores the themes of passion, perseverance, and following one’s dreams. Anastasia is a strong and determined character who is not afraid to work hard to achieve her goals. She is also fiercely independent and initially sees Nate as a distraction from her dreams. However, as she spends more time with him, she begins to see him in a new light.

Nate, on the other hand, is a supportive and caring character who is willing to help Anastasia achieve her dreams, even if it means putting his own team’s success on the line. He is also dealing with his own struggles, both on and off the ice.

The chemistry between Anastasia and Nate is palpable, and the novel does an excellent job of building their relationship. The author also incorporates the thrill and excitement of both figure skating and hockey, making the book a must-read for fans of both sports and romance.

Overall, “Icebreaker” is a charming and heartwarming novel that explores the power of perseverance, passion, and following one’s dreams. The characters are well-developed, and the romance is both engaging and believable. The novel is a perfect read for anyone who loves sports, romance, and stories of triumph over adversity.

Questions and Answers about Icebreaker Plot

Is Icebreaker a spicy book? Overall, I see why this book is so popular and I'll happily add my name to the list of people who enjoyed it for what it was, an uncomplicated spicy sports romance with a swoony male lead! It definitely ranks in the top third of hockey romances I've read but just fell a little short of being fantastic.

Is Icebreaker book LGBT? Icebreaker is an addictive sports fiction novel, about LGBT+ identity in sports, mental health, family and romance.

What happens in the end of Icebreaker? Nathan punches Aaron, and Anastasia quits before the national competition concludes. She moves back in with Nathan.

Is Icebreaker a college romance? This romance follows top college athletes, Anastasia and Nathan, at the fictional Maple Hills University. Anastasia is a figure skater and senior Nathan is a hockey star headed for the NHL post graduation.


Is Icebreaker an inappropriate book? If you enjoy an enemies to lovers trope and can deal with plenty of smutty scenes, you'll love this book. That's not saying I didn't enjoy it. However, it was definitely NSFW listening! Super spicy.

Does ice Breaker have a second book? Wildfire is the second book in the Maple Hills series, which takes place the summer following book one, Icebreaker. This is a hockey romance series, which will most likely feature all the men on the Maple Hills Titan hockey team.

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